Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photo Sharing Time.

Time to share some photos. This one comes from Erik, Sir Not Appearing in This Photo, who was behind the camera:

Here's a cheery group at the train station, which I took:

Meanwhile, Fred offers a full Flickr set.

And finally, Erik would like to share his dung with you:

If anyone else has photos to share, please post them here!


Fred said...

I'm also offering up some of my photos up for captions over at Capper Blog.

Generik said...

I'm in the process of posting my pictures at my Smugmug site. Check 'em out, and check back after I get back from vacation next week for more. Sorry I'm so slow about this.

Also, as a key to the top group photo, from L to R that's teambanzai, tinaw, UnReality, Nyssa23, YibbleGuy, DiscoBoy and RodRocket. Down front are the DiscoKids, Sarah and Hunter.