Friday, June 6, 2008

Just 84 Days and Counting.

At least, that was the countdown to the L.A. Capfest when I posted this. The up-to-date countdown is here. We know you're excited!


So let's get down to some planning details. First of all, based on the comments on the last few posts, here is who is planning on coming:

Unreality (Fred)
Generik (Erik)
teambanzai (Brett)
DiscoBoy (Me) & Nyssa (Mary Ann) (and insane kids)

If any of you are planning on bring friends/spouses/secret love children, let us know so we can include them as well. Also, if there's anyone I've forgotten, let us know. And feel free to spread the word to get more cappers to come.


So, we're looking at Labor Day weekend, which is Friday, August 29 through Monday, September 1. I've got some flight/hotel suggestions for you out-of-towners, But first, there's something to consider.

Mary Ann and I live in La Verne, which is a suburb of L.A., about 30 miles (a half hour's drive) east of downtown. Trust me, in Southern California terms that is practically just down the block. So the question becomes, where do you want to stay -- in the downtown/Hollywood area, or out in the 'burbs with us? Like I said, we're only about a half hour away by car, and the train going into Union Station downtown is pretty convenient too (which comes in real handy for the downtown walking tour on the itinerary, which I'll post about in more detail in the next few days). So let's break this down....

The case for staying downtown or environs: Ready access to touristy L.A. fun; transients (many of whom will call you "sir" or "ma'am") at no extra charge.

The case for staying in the 'burbs: Ready access to transportation in the fabulous DiscoNyssaMobile; cheaper hotel rates; close to our preferred movie riffing location (our living room, although there may be another option if the crowd gets much larger).

Whichever option you choose could also affect your flight choice. If you're coming to scenice La Verne (and environs), you'd probably be better off flying into Ontario (ONT) than into LAX. It's just closer and less crowded. You can probably even save a few bucks, too, depending on where you're flying from.

Anyway, hotel choices.... (I know this post is getting a little long, but bear with me because I'm almost done.)

Here are the current regular rates for Labor Day weekend of a few local (the 'burbs) hotels:
• Doubletree Inn (Claremont) -- $249.00/night
• Sheraton Suites Fairplex (Pomona) -- $146.50/night
• Red Roof Inn (San Dimas) -- $82.99/night
• Motel 6 (San Dimas) -- $74.99/night

And some L.A./Hollywood options:
• Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown -- $229.27/night
• Millenium Biltmore (downtown) -- $219.00/night
• Los Angeles Airport Marriott -- $199.00/night
• Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens -- $199.00/night
• Motel 6 (Hollywood) -- $102.99/night, you get the idea. Like I said, these are the regular rates, so I'm sure you can find discounts out there. But except for the ridiculously overpriced Doubletree, the rates are cheaper outside of L.A. proper.


Anyway, this is all just some things for you all to chew on. Feel free to ask if you've got questions.

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